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Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Srpska

Date of entry: September 18, 2015

Member of AICESIS

Member of ILO

 Achievements of the ESC

Main publications/studies
ESCRS has provided significant number opinions on legal acts and documents related to workers and employers issues and since its establishment social dialogue in Republic of Srpska is constantly developing. Accordingly, ESCRS has reviewed and provided opinions on legislation in labor, employment and social insurance field, including the first General Collective Agreement in Republic of Srpska- signed at ESCRS session and also each subsequent agreement that followed. ESCRS also had significant role in suppressing the impacts of Global Economic Crises on economy- one example is the Guarantee Fund of Republic of Srpska, established by the Government of Republic of Srpska on previous initiative of ESCRS.

Best practices
Primarily due to good will and mutual understanding of social partners in recent period has been achieved consensus on the most important issues. Accordingly, ESCRS arises as an indispensable factor in Republic of Srpska, on the way that provides participation of civil society in decision- making process in interests’ employees, business community and citizens of Republic of Srpska.



Institutional characteristics

Date of creation
Year operational
Nature of the texts that create the ESC (Constitution, law, decree, etc.)
1997: primarily established by agreement of social partners
2000: legally established by entity’s Labor law
2008: adopted special Law of Economic and Social Council which regulated the ESCRS composition, jurisdiction, method of operation, financing and other issues.


Consultation and advisory

Law of Economic and Social Council and partially the Labor Law determine mission and jurisdiction of ESCRS. Accordingly, ESCRS reviews and takes positions towards issues in regarding of development and promotion of collective bargaining, the impact of economic policies, wages and prices, competition and productivity, privatization and other structural adjustment, labor protection and environmental protection, education and professional training, health and social care and security, demographic trends and other issues important for the realization and promotion of the economic and social policies. Further, ESCRS gives opinions on draft laws and proposals and other regulations or documents that may affect of employees and employers interests.

ILO Type Tripartite G, W, E

Number of members: 9 members

3 members in front of 3 representative social partners:
- Confederation of Trade Unions of Republic of Sprska – legitimate workers representative;
- Union of Employer’s Associations of Republic of Sprska – legitimate employers representative;
- Government of Republic of Sprska – 3 members from among the Ministers

Duration of the term : 4 years

Process of designating the members (election, nomination, by whom, etc.): Social partners individually nominate ESCRS members.

Management organes


ESCRS represents the President and Vice President elected for one year mandate from among ESCRS members. The election procedure is defined that all three social partners are equally represented in the exercise of these functions.

General Assembly and Plenary

ESCRS works in sessions - regular or special. Regular session usually schedules once a month and special sessions arranges in extraordinary circumstances and it can be held several times a month.


ESCRS Secretary provides administrative and technical support.
Operational Arrangement Permanent secretarait
Mr. Bojan Smiljanić
Phone: 00387/51-222-722

Fax: 00387/51-222-721





Affiliations: ESCRS maintains regular contacts with the European Economic and Social Committee and our representatives attend annual Euro-Mediterranean Summits

Main technical areas of competencies

Labour Law reform
Social Security and social protection
Employment policy and labour market regulation
Financial and Economic Policies

ESCRS also had significant role in suppressing the impacts of Global Economic Crises on economy- one example is the Guarantee Fund of Republic of Srpska, established by the Government of Republic of Srpska on previous initiative of ESCRS.