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Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Main technical areas of competencies

Sustainable development

Concept note of Local Economic Development mechanism

Productivity and competitivity

Rwanda Competition and Consumer Protection Policy

Social Security and social protection

National social protection strategy 2009-2013

Gender equality and anti-discrimination

Strategic plan for the implementation of the national gender policy

Environment Policy

Rwanda Wildlife Policy

Financial and Economic Policies

Technical and Financial Cooperation Needs for the Implementation of the TRIPS Agreement in Rwanda

Issue paper on access to Finance

Fiscal and Taxation Policies

Draft of district tax procedure law

Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Industrial Policy

Issue paper on ICT

Issue paper on mining

Infrastructure Networks, Transport, and Energy Policies

Rwanda Energy Policy and Strategy Final Jan 2009;

Rwanda Downstream Petroleum Policy;

Sustainable bio diesel policy for Rwanda;

RPPD Communication strategy


RPPD Concept Note; RPPD website; RPPD manual; RPPD Communication strategy; General report on District visited in I Phase of 16 Districts; Land issue paper

Civil Society

Draft presidential order on professional code of ethics for civil servants in the public administration;

Draft order of the prime minister establishment procedural requirements of the system of performance appraisal and promotion of civil servants;

Draft ministerial order regulating training for Rwanda public servants;

Civil service management policy