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AICESIS Board and General Assembly

International Conference organized by the Romanian ESC and AICESIS on “Migration in Europe: the role of ESCs-SIs in addressing challenges, responsibilities and solutions”

Intervention of Mr. Paul WINDEY, President of the Belgium CNT, on behalf of AICESIS at the ILO’s International Labor Conference on global supply chains.

The ESC has signed the Seoul Declaration in November 2014 on the implementation of a sustainable social protection floor for all through effective social dialogue and broad participation. The ESC wished to deepen at the national level, as the first training session organized in early July 2015 for the Congolese ESC members. This workshop was organized in cooperation with the ILO and AICESIS. Following this workshop, Recommendations and Roadmap for CES were adopted.

ECOSOC working group: « Implementing the post 2015 development agenda: moving from commitment to results ». The ESC of Benin, working group rapporteur, drafted the second note that has been sent on 21 April to all for comment by the beginning of June.

ECOSOC published in its newspaper (pages 56 to 61), an article about the intervention made by Mr. VELIKHOV, as AICESIS President, during his intervention in July 2015 at the ECOSOC high level segment and his meeting with Mr. OH Joon, President of ECOSOC.

The ILO activity report for 2014-201R is referring multiple times to AICESIS-ILO partnerships (« results we could achieved together, including the database, Seoul and the Hague declarations are highlighted in Box 1 (page 10), in paragraph 145 (p.37) and 170 (p.42).”



On 20 in Athens, the OKE organized a conference on “Migratory flow and world to share: is Europe able to manage migrants and refugees issue?”.

21-23 June (Bamako, Mali): National capacity building workshop with the ESCC of Mali and ILO on “ESCC capacity building and social dialogue for an efficient and sustainable social protection floor”.

2-3 June (Geneva, Switzerland): Intervention of AICESIS at the ILO’s International Labor Conference on global supply chains.