National Tripartite Social and Economic Council

National Tripartite Social and Economic Council


Date of entry: June 13, 2008

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National Tripartite Social and Economic Council

The National Tripartite Social and Economic Council of Ukraine (Національна тристороння соціально-економічна рада) was established on proposal of All-Ukrainian trade unions, employer associations, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as an advisory and consultative body at the President of Ukraine consisting of representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian trade unions and their associations, and All-Ukrainian associations of employer organizations in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated December 29, 2005, No. 1871 On the Development of Social Dialog in Ukraine.

The operation of the National Council is based on the following principles:

- equality and parity of the parties to the social dialog;

- openness, voluntariness, and constructiveness of the social dialog;

- priority of conciliation procedures and compromise solutions;

- mandatory implementation of the achieved agreements and adopted decisions.

Goals and objectives

- enhancing the role of trade unions and employer organizations and their associations in the development of economic and social policies of the government;

- further development of social dialog as one of the main factors for social stability, development of the civil society, prevention of social conflicts.

- facilitating the harmonization of positions of the parties to the social dialog concerning the ways of further development of the social and economic and labor relations, making agreements on the regulation of such relations;

- development and submission of proposals to the President of Ukraine on issues of development and implementation of the state social and economic policies.

-  develop a consolidated position of social dialogue on the strategy of economic and social development of Ukraine and ways of solving existing problems in this area; 

National Council authorized: 
-  submit the proposals on the regulation of relations in economic, social and labor sphere, approved its decisions, the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central and local executive bodies, local authorities, employers, trade unions and their organizations and associations; 
-  delegate their representatives to participate in the consideration of executive bodies, 
trade unions, employers and their associations on social and economic policy and labor relations;  
- receive in due course from the executive and local authorities, employers, trade unions and their organizations and associations,  enterprises, institutions and organizations information necessary to perform its tasks;
- cooperate with the social dialogue of other countries and international organizations.

Best practice
examination carried out 286 bills; 
-  designed and implemented a modular training program for the tripartite partners on social dialogue; 
-  organized training seminars for representatives of regional tripartite economic and social councils and a number of seminars, meetings and workshops together with the projects of the International Labour Organization; 
-  developed action plan to overcome the effects of financial crisis, which was approved by the Government; 
-  established bilateral relations with the European Economic and Social Committee, socio-economic councils of France, Belgium, Poland, Russian Federation;



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