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February 11, 2014

AICESIS newsletter, FEBRUARY 2014

AICESIS newsletter, FEBRUARY 2014
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Association Internationale des Conseils Economiques et Sociaux et Institutions Similaires

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n°49 February 2014




The AICESIS General Secretariat is very happy to welcome in its team, for six months, Ms. Stefania DE FILIPPO. As Project Officer, she will be mainly in charge of completing and updating the global database on ESCs and social dialogue institutions in the world. Thus we thank all the members in advance for the welcome and help they will provide in her requests for information.








  • Main working topic for 2013-2015 “National human capital and new sources of national competitiveness”: The background paper worked out by the Rapporteur General (Mr. Iosif DISKIN, Civic Chamber of Russia) has been sent to all on January 15, 2014. Thank you for sending your comments by the end of February (aicesis@aicesis.org). 
    Read the background paper
  • 29-31 January (Rabat, Morocco) : Meeting between the AICESIS SG and the ESEC of Morocco to prepare a cooperation agreement between the two institutions.
  • 13-14 February (Rome, Italy) : AICESIS Board meeting 
    Read the Board agenda


  • Europe : EESC plenary session on December 10 and 11, 2013 with the participation of Mrs. Christine LAGARDE, IMF Director General.
  • Ireland : At the invitation of Dr. Martha THEODOROU, AICESIS Chargée de mission, the Irish NESC has prepared a note on social dialogue in Ireland. 
    Read the note on social dialogue 
    See the checklist of all notes on national social dialogue developed to date
  • Morocco: The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) presented on December 9, 2013 during a press conference chaired by its President, Mr. Nizar BARAKA, his opinion on the equitable and widespread access to basic health care. 
  • Morocco: The CESE prepared a methodological note on experience of participatory democracy in developing a report and proposals concerning the development of the southern regions of the country for the benefit of the populations concerned. This is a remarkable example of good practice. 
    Read the methodological note
  • Senegal : On December 18 2013 the Minister of Energy, Mrs Maimouna NDOYE SECK, presented to the EESC the governmental project on renewable energy with the goal of making energy available to all. 
  • Slovenia: Since September 2013 the Economic and Social Council of Slovenia has a new President - Mrs. ANJA KOPAČ MRAK, Minister of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

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