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International Meeting, AICESIS GA and Boards. The GA - which ends the Presidency of the Dominican ESC as Chair of the AICESIS - will be the occasion to discuss the main working topic of the Presidency for 2015-2017 “The role of the ESCs-ISs in the fight against inequalities linked to poverty” before adopting the final report. It will also welcome the new AICESIS SG, Francisco GONZALEZ DE LENA (Spain).

Regional workshop organized in cooperation with AICESIS, ILO and the ESC of Benin on the capacity building of ESCs-SIs and social dialogue to promote an efficient and sustainable social protection floor for all. This is the extension of the Seoul Declaration (2014) at the West African level and the national workshops held previously in Congo, Guinea and Mali.

Participation of the new AICESIS SG at the Seminar on social dialogue organised by the Moroccan ESEC and the UCESIF

Conference organised on November 23-24 in Athens (Greece) with the ILO and the Greek OKE on the Future of Work. On April 12, a questionnaire has been sent to all. Last answers as expected. The quality and number of the answers will help to draft the background paper.

Joint International Conference AICESIS-ILO with the OKE of Greece on the « Future of work »

International Meeting, General Meeting and Board of AICESIS

Regional workshop - in coordination with ILO - for West Africa countries aiming at promoting a social protection floor for all (follow-up on Seoul Declaration)

Participation of 3 national delegations (Cameroon, Guinea and Democratic Republic of Congo) at the 61st UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61). Topics to be addressed will be: women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work, Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the MDG for women and girls, empowerment of indigenous women.

AICESIS Board and Open workshop on the « day to day functioning of ESCs-ISs ». This is the continuity of the discussions started in 2016 (Madrid, Cotonou).

Participation of a Benin ESC delegation at the United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum.