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February 6, 2018


January 11, 2018

AICESIS Board and workshop. As part of the development of the AICESIS Presidency Roadmap, issues will be addressed during the Board (reports are under development): action procedures to promote AICESIS membership and to create new ESCs, preparation of the next exchange of experiences, update of the AICESIS Articles, improvement of internal communication

April 20, 2017


October 15, 2016

AICESIS CA and workshop on the functioning of the ESCs-SIs

April 9, 2016

Read the Board summary of decisions

March 8, 2016


December 15, 2015

AICESIS Board and open workshop on exchange of experiences and good practices of ESCs-SIs

Sint Maarten

February 24, 2015

Saint Martin: Upon request of the Prime Minister, the SER published on 28th October an opinion concerning the remittance of taxes.



February 24, 2015

Russia: On 28th November 2014, the Civic Chamber submitted its annual report on the state of Civil Society in Russia. This document aims at addressing in particular civic institutions, providing them with some orientations on how to ensure their development and strengthening.


Dominican Republic

February 24, 2015

Dominican Republic: The preliminary version of the report on the progress achieved during the first year of the implementation of the 2020 National Development Strategy was uploaded online.