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AICESIS structure

How AICESIS works?


The General Assembly

The General Assembly is held once a year to adopt decisions, define  AICESIS's strategy and appoint the President, the Secretary-General, as well as all the members of the Board of Directors.


The Board

The Board reunites active members of the organization, designated by the General Assembly for a renewable two year term.  Whilst appointing the new members of the Board of Directors, the Assembly has to retain the balanced composition of the Board, based on the need to ensure adequate geographical representation. The Board, currently consists of 19 members, representing four continents (Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe). The Board is chaired by the AICESIS President, also designated for a two year period.

The Board usually meets twice a year. Even if, in accordance with the principle and traditions of AICESIS, the operating principle  of the Board is collegial responsibility,crucial decisions always require unanimity and adoption by consensus. The Secretary-General is responsible for the execution of the decisions adopted by the Board and reports on their proper implementation.

The activities carried out by AICESIS Secretary-General and his team is regularly monitored by the Board and the General Assembly.


The Secretariat-General

The Secretary-General is appointed  for a four year term by the General Assembly, acting on a proposal from the Board of Directors. The Secretary-General works closely with the Presidency to implement the decisions adopted by the Board and the General Assembly.

The Secretary-General runs the Association and reports to the Board on implementing policy. Together with the President, the Secretary-General represents AICESIS with other International Organisations.

Since 2010, the General Assembly have appointed several Deputy Secretaries-General: one for Africa, one for Asia, one for Europe, and one for Latin America.



The Presidency  of AICESIS is chaired by the President of the ESC  the General Assembly appoints for a non-renewable two-year term. The President is responsible for the organization of the international meeting to be run within its term. Since 1999, the Presidency has been held in chronological order by the following ESCs: the Netherlands, Algeria, France, China, Brazil,Hungary, Italy, Algeria and Russia.

The President represents the Association at international level, with the support of the Secretary-General, and chairs of the Board and the General Assembly.