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Brazil's Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development returns

The Brazilian government reestablishes the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development, with representation of workers, the productive sector and social movements.

Chaired by President Lula and coordinated by the Minister of Institutional Relations Alexandre Padilha, the collegiate will be a permanent channel for dialogue between the federal government and the most diverse sectors of Brazilian society.


About the Council:

Created by law in 2003, the Council for Sustainable Social Economic Development had a successful experience in its more than 15 years of existence, until it was extinguished in 2019.  The new Council was baptized "Sustainable" to draw attention to Brazil's environmental potential in the current climate change scenario.

The recreation of the Council strengthens Brazilian institutions and democracy, contributing to the representation of Brazilian society, in its complexity, heterogeneity and different worldviews in the process of formulating policies and guidelines aimed at sustainable social economic development.

Traditionally, it was formed by representatives of civil society from various segments, in a broad and plural composition. In the new format, it aims to be even more representative of society, counting on citizens from different social groups and classes, with greater female participation and a greater search for ethnic-racial and territorial diversity.


Promising future:

Based on the experience of the previous ESC, the new ESC has a promising future. The new council held its first plenary session on May 4, 2023 where 214 of the 245 councilors participated. Furthermore, the new council enthusiastically indicated in a letter addressed to the Secretary-General of AICESIS (Cooperation of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions) its wish to resume its activities at the international level in this association. The ESC wishes to contribute to the advancement of economic, social and environmental sustainability, recognizing the added value of sharing good practices that help meet today's global challenges. Therefore, the new ESC supports the function of Vice-Secretary General of AICESIS for the Latin American and Caribbean region. This function is currently held by the Curaçao ESC Senior Advisor, Ms. Miloushka Sboui-Racamy, also mentioned in the letter which can be viewed here.










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