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ESC-Curaçao and the Global deal Initiative of the OECD

The Social-Economic Council of Curaçao (SER) is the first social and economic advisory board in the world to join the Global Deal as a partner. The Global Deal Initiative is a multi-stakeholder initiative for social dialogue and inclusive growth. It is a partnership of governments, businesses and employers’ organizations, trade unions, civil society and other organizations. The aim of the Global Deal partnership is to benefit from, and contribute to, a platform that highlights the value of social dialogue and strengthens existing co-operation structures.



The Global Deal Initiative promotes social dialogue, consultation, negotiation between or among representatives of governments, employers and workers on economic and social policy issues.


Ultimately it fosters collaboration between partners towards decent work and inclusive growth. Each partner vows to work on a few commitments all in line with the ultimate goal of the Global Deal Initiative.


All partners can participate in the focus groups of the Global Deal. At this moment the focus groups that are active are on “social dialogue and living wages” and “social dialogue and human rights due diligence”. Regularly experts on the issues to be discussed share their expertise.


For more information on the global deal initiative and all the benefits of joining as a partner please go to: The Global Deal - OECD


Each year the Global Deal issues a flagship report where all the efforts of the partners, in fulfilling their commitments, are published. The launching of the report of 2022, including the mentioning of the Social Economic Council of Curaçao (SER) as a partner, happened during a forum. This forum is one of the primary global annual events on social dialogue.


The forum brought together Global Deal partners, including key policy makers, to emphasize the importance of social dialogue in shaping a just transition towards a sustainable and inclusive economy that generates decent jobs. It also highlighted the role of social dialogue in negotiating a balanced use of non-standard forms of work, such as temporary work, zero hour contracts and own-account platform workers. This forum was titled: “Towards Just Transition and Sustainable Labour Markets” and took place in Madrid, Spain last November.


More information on the Forum (replays, flagship report, photo gallery etc.) can be found here: Global Deal High-level Social Dialogue Forum ''Towards Just Transition and Secure Labour Markets’’ (


Dear reader of this newsletter, if your institution for Social Dialogue highlights the value of social dialogue and aims to strengthen existing co-operation structures and you or your institution wants to know more about being or becoming a partner of the Global Deal Initiative please contact the Social Economic Council of Curaçao at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will gladly provide you with more information and make it possible for your institution to become a partner.


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