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Invitation from the Economic, Social, and Labor Council of Korea

Today, we are facing ‘the era of great transformation,’ which is characterized by a ‘digital transformation involving digital technologies’ and ‘net zero emissions to fight climate change’. The changes and impacts that will be brought about by the great transformation are perceived as not only issues impacting Korea but unavoidable challenges for the whole world. 

One of the challenges that this era of great transformation will bring about is the sustainability of our economic and social systems. We should avoid situations where inequality and polarization are exacerbated because we fail to consider the workers and employers who are vulnerable to the industrial changes caused by the great transformation. 

The changes are due in part to the shared recognition of the challenges of the great transformation among workers, employers, the government, and the general public as well as the urgency of the changes. If our hopes are addressed and our plans are implemented, we will overcome the crises that will stem from the great transformation and be in a position to take advantage of the new opportunities. 

The International Conference on the Era of Great Transformation organized by the Economic, Social, and Labor Council will be a global discussion forum to build a new labor and employment paradigm in response to the ‘digital transformation’ and ‘net zero emissions’ that are considered the two axes of the great transformation. By examining mid- to long-term tasks and sharing domestic and global response measures, the Conference is expected to contribute to finding ‘a new road’ to respond to the challenges of our time. 

We hope that we will have the pleasure to welcome the participation and interest of tripartite representatives and experts at the forum, where we will address critical questions about this new era together. 


Thank you. 

Moon, Sung-Hyun 

Chairperson Economic, Social, and Labor Council

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